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A Little About Me | - Jennifer Duke Photography

Jennifer Duke


Hi, I’m Jen! Thanks for stopping by- I’m glad you’re here! A little story about me:
Born on the east coast, raised in coastal TX. Proud to still call TX my home. I’m a former ballerina and homeschool kid. Many moons ago when I was a first-time mommy, my sweet husband gifted me a little digital camera for my birthday, and that’s where my passion for photography began. I became obsessed with documenting my new baby! Over the years, as our family grew, so did my passion for photography, and I eventually graduated from hobbyist to professional/small business owner … but not on my own. It took the whole village to get where I am today, and I am nothing without my village … you know who you are! If you are here, you’re supposed to be – reach out and say hello! I hope we can be friends, and I can’t wait to work with you!

My Inspiration:
My 4 Kids!

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