This is six.

The girlies just keep getting bigger, sillier, and sweeter! Goodness, I am so glad they have each other. Their bond is precious, and it’s a

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Winter Droplets

The world outside is hushed and still, A winter scene of frosty chill. The droplets cling, a crystal sheen, Reflecting all the world has seen.

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With Easter upon us, I’ve been looking at ways to incorporate short but impactful scripture references and knowledge with my littles. Reading straight from the

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Surprise Session

A few weeks ago, my husband’s brother contacted me about surprising his wife with a photo session for her birthday. He didn’t have to ask

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I recently learned something- sometimes it’s good to hand off my camera to the kids and let them document their world, from their perspective. They

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my little artist

  Just a girl with her favorite toy- a paint brush. My little leftie artist- her work makes me smile, it brightens up our walls

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