Hey Y’all, I recently had a little chit-chat with one of my favorite people, Genevieve, and I thought you might like to come along for our morning together! Genevieve owns a super cute hair salon local to me, and she’s honestly just so good at hair. I won’t get into all the details but she somehow does minimal coloring with maximum effect, my hair looks so cute for so long after I’ve seen her. She’s one of those people that just leave you feeling better as a person hours after we’ve hung out. Everyone needs a Genevieve in their life! Now on to the questions and the pictures! 

Jen: Who are you and what do you do?

Genevieve: I’m Genevieve Hobbs, I’m a wife and a mother of four, I’m 33 years old and I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for almost 10 years.

Jen: You’re an amazing woman, truly! What inspires you?

Genevieve: My clients and their trust! Your hair is one accessory that you can’t take off, having someone sit in my chair, whether it’s a new client or a long-time client, and completely trust my professional abilities, inspires me to push myself to be the best that I can be!

Jen: I absolutely love that, and agree…clients are inspiring! When I come to your salon, I truly feel pampered.
What is your favorite part of your job?

Genevieve: I love the finished product, “the after” picture. Seeing all of the techniques married together to create my client’s desired look. I also love pampering my clients, having them let their hair down (literally and figuratively) we can talk about anything and everything or nothing at all but just having them genuinely enjoy their time spent in my chair.

Jen: So when I come to your place, I can always count on an uplifting experience, but truly value our conversations, it’s always so easy to talk to you. What is the most challenging part of what you do?

Genevieve: Trying to find a balance between passion and business, as well as work and home.

Jen: The struggle is real… we moms are the real heroes! Sometimes the kids have to eat dinner at 8 pm and the laundry piles up but it’s all beautiful chaos and I wouldn’t change a thing! How did you find entrepreneurship/how did it find you?

Genevieve:  My husband came up with the idea mainly, he encouraged me to take charge of my career! With his support and investment I was able to make the seemingly scary move from a commission salon where I had a solid clientele and steady paycheck; to a space of my own where I could create my own booking techniques to cater to not only my clientele but also to myself and our family. I wanted to be able to be in charge of my client’s experience from start to finish, which has proven to help me improve my craft!

Jen: I am SO glad you did…that is the truth, the best support is that of our loved ones, especially our spouse…they make it possible to take those scary risks that we might not take if left to ourselves. Tell me one thing about yourself that not many people know!

Genevieve: I’m a Rennie, I’ve been going to renaissance festivals for as long as I can remember, and dressing up is my favorite part!!

Jen: Love it! I haven’t been to one in years…please take me with you next time! 

What is something you and hubs do to have fun away from kids and work?

Genevieve: We don’t get a whole lot of fun “alone” time so we try to make the best of it when we do! Concerts and festivals may be one of my favorite quality times but my husband probably has a different opinion!

Jen: I agree about the concerts…one of my favorite ways to get away from life and relax for a bit! (huge Blue October fan here). What type of client is your perfect client?

Genevieve: My ideal client; trusts me and my process, invests in their hair products and tools to maintain and protect the integrity of their hair, and also shares mutual respect and honesty with me. I love good humans, and I don’t mean to brag but “my” clients are some of the best there are!

Jen: What is it that you hope to gain/ accomplish through your salon? 

Genevieve: I want to help erase some of the stigmas from the traditional Hairstylist and Hair Salon, that it’s more than just “doing hair”. It’s an experience and an investment in your overall well-being! Look good feel good, is a real thing and that’s not vanity!

Jen: Well you have certainly done that. I look forward to my time in your chair so much! What is one piece of advice you’d give your younger self, or a young woman looking to make her mark in the world? 

Genevieve: Knowledge is power, and you never stop learning…find a mentor or a muse
and don’t be afraid to learn… it’s ok to be bad at something the first, second, or even third time you try; you will get better!

Jen: Yes- a growth mindset is beautiful! Before we get to the pictures, let’s talk about this gorgeous space! Tell me about it! Your friend, Sarah was here recently, right? 

Genevieve: It’s one of my happy places, Miranda Lambert meets Joanna Gaines. I wanted it to spark joy and also feel warm and inviting. I’ve always enjoyed the decorating process and finding the perfect knickknacks and accessories is half the fun, but I can be so critical and indecisive. So when I knew I wanted to start the new year fresh and on top of my game I reached out to my long-time client and dear friend, Sarah Rogers at SK Designs…it was such a fun process to have her refresh and enhance my space, it was very similar to an experience in my chair! We had a good base we just wanted to add fresh color and highlight different areas, while still staying true to my “style”. I didn’t know I could love it anymore than I did before, but I fall in love all over again every time I walk through the door and I am so proud of it!

Jen: It’s such a happy space, you should be so proud! Thanks for having me over, now let’s show off this beautiful salon!


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