This is six.

The girlies just keep getting bigger, sillier, and sweeter! Goodness, I am so glad they have each other. Their bond is precious, and it’s a

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my little artist

  Just a girl with her favorite toy- a paint brush. My little leftie artist- her work makes me smile, it brightens up our walls

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Fall in TX

We are so blessed to have the beach right nearby- there’s just something extra special about coastal living on a warm day in December!  It’s

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Puddle Jumper

Piper learned what fun puddles are this summer. It’s no surprise to me that my water baby would love puddles!

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April’s Flowers

 These pictures were snapped back in April, and I’m finally taking the time to post here on the blog. I don’t have any deep words

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Golden Hour Babe

I am coming up empty on exactly how to convey what these pictures make me feel. Mostly, I feel warm and blessed to call this

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