A few weeks ago, my husband’s brother contacted me about surprising his wife with a photo session for her birthday. He didn’t have to ask me twice- I think that’s the BEST kind of surprise!! Chris and Tara and their four (adorable) kiddos recently made the leap from living in town, to country life and I can’t think of a better place for this sweet family to call home. I managed to sneak over there one day while Tara was out for a bit. Her mom and sister were there to help things move along smoothly, and it was perfection (thanks y’all!). The kids were in on the secret too and had a blast picking poses and hamming it up for their mama’s surprise. They managed to keep the surprise, y’all! A few days ago, Tara was gifted the book I made and that’s when I found out, we all managed to keep it a surprise and she was genuinely surprised with her images!
Now that she has the images in her possession, I have to show you this cuteness!

Happy Birthday, Tara!

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  1. I absolutely can’t get over what a precious surprise this was! And how much I love these photos. Best birthday gift! Thank you ❤️

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