Mom Guilt

I’d like to bring up a subject moms seem to struggle with…mom guilt! I think we all have, or will struggle with it! There really shouldn’t be any shame, it’s a totally common struggle! The more I talk with other moms, the more I’m convinced we are all in the same boat! If we could maybe talk about it more, maybe we could offer support to one another, instead of walking around, internalizing it.
Mom guilt looks different for every single one of us: one mama might feel guilty that the kids had chicken nuggets for dinner (again), another will be struggling because she can’t afford all the newest trends for her kids. Maybe a mom is feeling guilty because she doesn’t have the energy to go to the park, and staying home is her safe place.
I personally am struggling with a very “first world” issue currently…I feel guilty that I haven’t taken my kids to any major theme park, or really anywhere “popular”.  My social media feeds are full of friends and acquaintances taking ski trips to Colorado, beach vacations to Tulum, week-long trips to Disney world, kid-friendly cruises for spring-break.
Honestly, we can’t afford these types of vacations. (If you can, pease don’t feel guilty for it!)
I find myself wondering, will my kids care? Will they be upset that we played in the front yard and pretended to go to far away places instead of actually going? Will I regret not taking them to these magical places? Will they look back on their childhood and still have fond memories, if we didn’t go to Sea-world, or meet Mickey Mouse?
In the end, I want my kids to have happy childhoods, with lots of good memories.
What fun things do you do with your loved ones, if vacations aren’t on the agenda? Folks, chime in! Tell me your thoughts!

Mom Guilt | Personal - Jennifer Duke PhotographyMom Guilt | Personal - Jennifer Duke PhotographyMom Guilt | Personal - Jennifer Duke Photography




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