I’d like to bring up a subject moms seem to struggle with…mom guilt! I think we all have, or will struggle with it! There really shouldn’t be any shame, it’s a totally common struggle! The more I talk with other moms, the more I’m convinced we are all in the same boat! If we could maybe talk about it more, maybe we could offer support to one another, instead of walking around, internalizing it.
Mom guilt looks different for every single one of us: one mama might feel guilty that the kids had chicken nuggets for dinner (again), another will be struggling because she can’t afford all the newest trends for her kids. Maybe a mom is feeling guilty because she doesn’t have the energy to go to the park, and staying home is her safe place.
I personally am struggling with a very “first world” issue currently…I feel guilty that I haven’t taken my kids to any major theme park, or really anywhere “popular”.  My social media feeds are full of friends and acquaintances taking ski trips to Colorado, beach vacations to Tulum, week-long trips to Disney world, kid-friendly cruises for spring-break.
Honestly, we can’t afford these types of vacations. (If you can, pease don’t feel guilty for it!)
I find myself wondering, will my kids care? Will they be upset that we played in the front yard and pretended to go to far away places instead of actually going? Will I regret not taking them to these magical places? Will they look back on their childhood and still have fond memories, if we didn’t go to Sea-world, or meet Mickey Mouse?
In the end, I want my kids to have happy childhoods, with lots of good memories.
What fun things do you do with your loved ones, if vacations aren’t on the agenda? Folks, chime in! Tell me your thoughts!

Mom Guilt | Personal - Jennifer Duke PhotographyMom Guilt | Personal - Jennifer Duke PhotographyMom Guilt | Personal - Jennifer Duke Photography




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  1. I hear you on the guilt! And just to warn you……this empty nester still struggles at times with it. It’s a place our enemy wants to keep us, isn’t it? It’s a lie from the pit of hell that we need to replace with God’s truth so that we do not linger in that pit long. As a mom who did get to take our kids to a theme park when our baby was 5, I felt guilty being there as I thought of Third World countries of American poor that same money could have benefited. (BTW – my parents had a time share which we got to use and we drove. Also, my dad kept saying we were taking our youngest too early because he wouldn’t remember. Yep. Dad was right. But with hard work and the benefit of Buc Band fund raisers, that “baby” got to go back as a freshman. Much more fun for him then. 🙂 ) As I look back, the mental gymnastics that God helped me with was learning to be content. What Paul said in Phil 4:11-13 was written in the context of money, but it sure applies in many (all?) things in life because I can sure compare myself with others on just about anything. I know that a huge part of my “mental gymnastics” has been learning to be thankful. As I stood in a Disney World Park, I thanked God for placing me in USA where this was even a possibility, for healthy children, for my parents sharing….etc. To be honest, although our children enjoyed the “big”vacations, when we’re together, they talk more about playing in the dirt on our vacation camping trips. THAT’s how we vacationed. We couldn’t afford it any other way. We had some “stay-cations” too. The love in your home and the much fun that is there is so much better than the hot, long lines at any theme park. 🙂

    1. Thank you so so much for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate your perspective and advise! You speak some serious truths, Julie and I deeply admire you!

  2. Mom guilt, definitely a real thing…. I struggle with not being able to attend every single school event or spending enough time with my boys. The days are long full of routine & the years are short. Daily I have approximately 3 hours with my kiddos but it is consumed by dinner, homework, bathing & so on… I do my best to make as many memories I can during the weekend. We don’t have extravagant vacations but do enjoy the parks or daily events around the area. Maybe try a single day trip to Galveston or the Texas City Dike. I’m always looking for deals online for cheap tickets to events that we can have fun & make memories without breaking the bank. One way or another I believe we, as moms, are all superheroes in our children’s eyes… I do my best to focus on the good, the time i do have with them instead of dwelling on what we do not do… staying positive is the key for me.

  3. Mom guilt is real, and on every side! As a mom who has just spent 9 days taking my daughter on a trip… I’m full of guilt and worry. The entire time I was there there were questions about schedules, routines, missing her papa. Love you and think you are an AMAZING mom.

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